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Restoration Team

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Restoration Committee

The Restoration Team is a collaborative effort focused on restoring the planet and all its inhabitants to their optimal state. Through Restorations Operations & Systems, Solutions Assessment and Restoration Projects, we will restore our communities.

Community Restoration projects will be weighed against the needs of our state, counties, cities and towns.

Restoration Projects

·Community Restoration Projects are weighed against the needs of the community and come through the Committees to the Needs Assessment Team (Strategic Operations); aligned with the Resolution of One Accord and onto the Restoration Team. The Restoration Team receives the prioritized list for solutions and begins working on proposals for those solutions with the solution provider.

Tasked with finding Standalone entities that are funded separately from the Assembly that produce Energy, Water, Food, Air, Infrastructure, Shelter, Education Solutions, Environment, Health & Wellness, Farming and Agriculture, Transportation, Security and More..

·Innovative projects combine capabilities from multiple sources in new ways, focusing on the restoration areas.

·Invention Projects bring new technologies or processes to the people in our state and on our planet.

·Inventors and innovators will be referred to the Research & Development at so they may participate in royalties of the Co-Op and benefit from the value of their invention.

·Projects are funded separate from assemblies. The Assembly provides oversight and signs off on the milestone tranche releases; Assemblies are not part of the funding path.


Law Enforcement Committee

Coordinates safety procedures and enforcement with the Global Intelligence Agency. Works closely with law enforcement agencies within county emphasizing best practices in the spirit of the law.

Security Committee

Identifies safety concerns county-wide and formulates solutions for a safer practice; addresses the community through proposals for change.

Health & Wellness Committee

Works with the community to determine problem areas, identify obstacles, and create a plan to achieve superior health and wellness goals.

Environment Committee

Provides information and education as to nature preservation and the protection of natural resources. Objectives include a more responsible approach to the cleanup and protection of our air, water, food, soil, and aether which are the essential components to life on earth.

Restoration Committee

Restoration finds and develops, in partnership with the people, projects and solutions for the improvement and transformation of your communities. They focus on industries for their solutions assessment.

Treasury Committee

Financial reporting. planning and budgeting. Coordinate fundraisers and ensure compliance with relevant legislation. Reports on progress, issues, and proposals at assembly meetings and monthly administration meetings.

Project Management Committee

Develops the full scale project plan. Leads the planning and implementation of the projects with measurable goals, deliverables and project scope. Plans and schedules project timelines and manages the project budget.

Family Services Committee

Formulate plans for improving the lives of families in our county. Create community planning proposals which impact the family in a positive way. Develop educational material to share with schools and agencies emphasizing Natural law; all life is sacred.

Education Committee

Sets goals and objectives regarding proposed changes to the educational system countywide. Integrates the Resolution of One Accord into schools. Reviews county guidelines and proposes changes to the current school content.

Communications Committee

Develops new innovative ways to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians and create new platforms to communicate ideas and change. Public relations will spread the word so everyone can be awakened to the Restoration Plan for humanity.

Law Committee

Formulate plans for improving the way we resolve our legislative issues that arise in Pennsylvania. Creates orders that will change the lives of all people in PA with the will of the people at the forefront of that process.

Public Works/Infrastructure

Sets goals and objectives regarding proposed changes to the infrastructure in Pennsylvania, addressing clean water, more innovative fixes to road and bridge repairs and more.

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