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Membership Defined:

Every resident of Pennsylvania is already a member of the Greater Assembly of this state. Check the General Membership requirements to see if you meet the criteria to vote on certain issues that require a state-wide vote.

In other cases, votes for issues based on the research and briefs written by committees to restore the rights of Pennsylvanians are done by the Members in Good Standing within the Assembly. Members in Good Standing are in essence the Grand Jury for the Assembly. If you want to work in a committee, council, or sub-council, you will need to follow all the steps in the Membership Agreement toward being a Member in Good Standing. This voting body is the Working Body of the Greater Assembly for Pennsylvanians.

We encourage you to join us for two public meetings before completing a membership form. Meetings are open to the public for all to attend.

Notice of meeting times and dates are found on

New to the Assembly?

We are looking for hard working people (residents of PA) who want to make a difference and are willing to work toward restoring the rights of all residents in Pennsylvania. All members are afforded the opportunity to serve on committees and hold offices in the Pennsylvania de jure Assembly (PDJA) pending satisfaction of the member requirements, member in good standing status and evaluation of conditions stated in the Membership Agreement.

General Membership Requirements (for voting in Greater Assembly)



1.     The applicant must be a current resident of the State of Pennsylvania and have been a resident for at least (6) months.

2.     Applicant must be at least 18 years of age

3.     Applicant does not have a felony conviction for any violent crime, financial crime or sexual crime.

4.     Applicants with felonies must be off parole/probation to be eligible for individual review and approval by the Council.

5.     Applicants must have attended the most recent two (2) Assembly meetings open to the public before applying.

6.     Applicants to the PDJA, who have been suspended from any Assembly for misconduct or misrepresentation, shall only be admitted to PDJA pending a thorough investigation and report by the Sergeant At Arms & the Ombudsman (judicial investigator) of the PDJA.

**If you meet the General Membership Requirements above and you resonate with the Resolution of One Accord, please complete the Volunteer Form below to begin helping in our Committees. Any time you can offer to these efforts is greatly appreciated. There is something for everyone!


Working Body of the Assembly

To become a member in Good Standing with the Pennsylvania de jure Assembly, and work in a selected or elected position on Committees, the Council or Sub Council, a thorough understanding of Natural Law, Restoration of Rights, and the process by which an assembly becomes a Lawful Governing Body, are essential. These are the foundational components upon which our work is built.

Click the button to view the Membership Agreement in its entirety:

Membership Application – please refer to the Membership Agreement button above before completing

Thank you for your interest in helping with the Restoration Plan in Pennsylvania.

We will contact you shortly by email and answer any questions you may have.

Please join us at our “Open to the Public” weekly meetings at 7pm Mondays

Contact us at: PA Assembly, PO Box 4132, Williamsport, PA 17701-9994

Volunteer Form

We are looking for volunteers to work in all committees. Volunteers only need to meet the General Membership Requirements before completing the Volunteer Form and helping out. We do hope you resonate with the Resolution of One Accord and appreciate the importance of humanity participating in its own structure of self governance.


Law Enforcement Committee

Coordinates safety procedures and enforcement with the Global Intelligence Agency. Works closely with law enforcement agencies within county emphasizing best practices in the spirit of the law.

Security Committee

Identifies safety concerns county-wide and formulates solutions for a safer practice; addresses the community through proposals for change.

Health & Wellness Committee

Works with the community to determine problem areas, identify obstacles, and create a plan to achieve superior health and wellness goals.

Environment Committee

Provides information and education as to nature preservation and the protection of natural resources. Objectives include a more responsible approach to the cleanup and protection of our air, water, food, soil, and aether which are the essential components to life on earth.

Restoration Committee

Restoration finds and develops, in partnership with the people, projects and solutions for the improvement and transformation of your communities. They focus on industries for their solutions assessment.

Treasury Committee

Financial reporting. planning and budgeting. Coordinate fundraisers and ensure compliance with relevant legislation. Reports on progress, issues, and proposals at assembly meetings and monthly administration meetings.

Project Management Committee

Develops the full scale project plan. Leads the planning and implementation of the projects with measurable goals, deliverables and project scope. Plans and schedules project timelines and manages the project budget.

Family Services Committee

Formulate plans for improving the lives of families in our county. Create community planning proposals which impact the family in a positive way. Develop educational material to share with schools and agencies emphasizing Natural law; all life is sacred.

Education Committee

Sets goals and objectives regarding proposed changes to the educational system countywide. Integrates the Resolution of One Accord into schools. Reviews county guidelines and proposes changes to the current school content.

Communications Committee

Develops new innovative ways to improve the lives of Pennsylvanians and create new platforms to communicate ideas and change. Public relations will spread the word so everyone can be awakened to the Restoration Plan for humanity.

Law Committee

Formulate plans for improving the way we resolve our legislative issues that arise in Pennsylvania. Creates orders that will change the lives of all people in PA with the will of the people at the forefront of that process.

Public Works/Infrastructure

Sets goals and objectives regarding proposed changes to the infrastructure in Pennsylvania, addressing clean water, more innovative fixes to road and bridge repairs and more.

Contact us for more information

PA Assembly

P.O. Box 4132

Williamsport, PA