Pennsylvania de jure Assembly History

Our History:

The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly began meeting virtually in October of 2020. They were inspired by the supporting international organization, Life Force to come together and take a stand for our Natural Rights, at the state and county level.

By January 26, 2021 the Official Notification and Certification of the De Jure Pennsylvania Assembly was written and voted on.

The Bylaws were next to be developed and were composed with input from the Florida DeJure Assembly and the Oregon De Jure Assembly. Bylaws of the De Jure Assembly of Pennsylvania were voted in on February 23, 2021.

The Assembly Seal was approved on March 30, 2020. The Liberty Bell is, of course, a great icon of both Pennsylvania and the United States of America. It is loved by many! The stars represent the original thirteen colonies and corn stalks represent our great agricultural heritage and future. There is no contiguous circle often present in a seal as a symbol that all are free to enter or leave on their free will.

An updated version of “The Resolution of One Accord” was released by Life Force, and this version was also approved on March 30, 2020. This document addresses Life and Nature, Governance, Assembly Meetings, Media, Individual Responsibility and Honor, and sets forth the ideals to which the Assemblies are dedicated.

The People’s Government Service Department was established in August of 2021. A new structure for assemblies followed. The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly adopted the Council Model of self-governance in December of 2021 at which time, new Bylaws were adopted and a new version of “The Resolution of One Accord” was voted in as the Assembly’s Social Compact. The Declaration of Independence for Living Beings of Earth was adopted in December of 2021 as the Assembly’s Foundational Charter.

All steps have been fulfilled to meet the requirements necessary for this Assembly to be considered for ratification in the Hall of Records by the Office of the Guardian and Head of State, Kimberly Ann Goguen.

Members continue to meet weekly in a virtual setting and communicate as well on Telegram and All Pennsylvania residents interested in self-governance and taking responsibility to uphold Natural Law are most welcome to join!

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