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Grievance Information:

Dictionary Definition of grievance

1a cause of distress (such as an unsatisfactory working condition) felt to afford reason for complaint or resistance “Her chief grievance was the sexual harassment by her boss.”

2the formal expression of a grievanceCOMPLAINT “…filed a grievance against her employer…

A Grievance is not

an ax to grind:  A private or selfish motive, a personal stake; a grievance or complaint, especially a chronic one. 

a bone to pick: A complaint or grievance; a point of disagreement or a difference to settle.

We have aligned our policy with the PGSD and GIA Grievance Policies.


Violating the Resolution of One Accord

Violating the Membership Agreement

Violating the Bylaws

Violating the Code of Conduct

Failure to disclose a conflict of interest

Criminal Behavior of any kind

Slander (with documentation), Defamation of Character, Libelous behavior (with documentation) etc.

Public Grievances

The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly is committed to addressing individual and community injustices that violate Natural Law, Common Law, or Constitutional Rights on a local level in our state. Please use the form below to explain the violation that concerns you.

Public Grievance Submission Form

Internal Assembly Grievances

For Internal Assembly Grievances click the following button to read and sign the Internal Assembly Grievance Information sheet prior to filing a grievance.

Internal Assembly Grievance Submission Form:

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