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Sheriff’s History:

Power of the Sheriff

In order for statutes to become Law, the legislators must first be given authority by ‘We the People’ which is found under Article I Section 8 which is restrained by Article I Section 9 and the Bill of Rights. This is where the Sheriff’s attention should be.

If Congress writes statutes outside of Article I, Section 8 or statutes that violate Section 9, or the Bill of Rights, the following ‘General Rule’ of the United States Supreme Court is to be applied, and herein is the power of the County Sheriff.

Based upon a Pennsylvania Supreme court case, a deputy

sheriff needs training similar to police officers to enable a deputy sheriff to

enforce specific laws of Pennsylvania.

A review of statutory law provides little guidance in addressing the issue of the duties, power, and authority of the Sheriff. Case law provides that, although a Sheriff’s primary responsibilities are to the courts, the Sheriff retains all arrest powers he/she had at common law. He/she has the authority to enforce the criminal laws, as well as, the vehicle laws of Pennsylvania.

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