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What is an Assembly?

An assembly defined (or a de jure Assembly), is an association of like-minded people who are dedicated to restoring well-being in all its forms. The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly is NOT a representative government, but rather a Service Organization for the People that identifies concerns, problems, and develops solutions for the community to assess and approve.


Articles of Association:

The following constitutes the articles of association for the Pennsylvania de jure Assembly. By entering the website for the first time and continuing to use it thereafter, every member agrees that he or she has read the following and is party to a social compact under these private articles. The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly is a Public Benefit Non-Profit Organization with a voting membership. The resources of the Assembly are only available for access and use to members.

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The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly has formed to prepare the structure that will become the way WE govern ourselves. With an understanding of the Natural Law of Sovereignty and self-governance, our Assembly provides leadership for the empowerment of the People, so that together we can assess needs and develop solutions for mutual benefit and the restoration of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly (PDJA) will support projects that restore freedom, health, well-being, justice, tranquility, and prosperity to every individual as we work to improve each county in Pennsylvania through county Assemblies. We hold ourselves and our political systems accountable to operate in compliance with “The Resolution of One Accord”, our social compact.

Our natural desire to thrive in all aspects of existence, in all aspects of abundance, security, productivity, and peace for all humanity. We have consciously chosen to assemble and bring to life our innate life force to accomplish every project that will thrust into physical reality all individual and combined passions. Our mission is a living force as our members are living beings with the intent of exercising our roles as creators.

Committee Highlights:

Health & Wellness

Educational Development

Our committees are identifying and planning to tackle new ideas and bring change to our communities through new innovations in all areas of health, preservation and education. See our Committee links for more information and inquire as to how you can become involved in the assembly.

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