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The Pennsylvania de jure Assembly’s call of honor is to exercise our responsibility as the fourth arm of government and to participate in governance. Our call is to engage the people: about awakening Americans and our lawmakers at every level to what is, and has been going on around us, which provokes us to recommit, by whatever means necessary, to government of the People, by the People, and for the People; that it may not perish from the earth.


The Pennsylvania Assembly formed as a group of sovereign men and women who realize their inalienable God given

rights must be protected from encroachment of tyranny, whether foreign or domestic.

Through intelligent and responsible actions, we lawfully assemble to exercise all constitutional rights and hold Pennsylvania elected officials accountable to their oaths of office, to uphold our Constitution and act in constitutional compliance.

Our responsibility is collaborative participation, building cooperative relationships with law enforcement and elected officials. identifying breaches against our inalienable rights or constitutional compliance and working to resolve said constitutional threats.

Through identifying needs and answering grievances of Residents, the Pennsylvania de jure Assembly will develop solutions and actions that reflect the highest good for all Pennsylvanians.


Health & Wellness

Educational Development

Nature Preservation & Protection

Our committees are identifying and planning to tackle new ideas and bring change to our communities through new innovations in all areas of health, preservation and education. See our Committee links for more information and inquire as to how you can become involved in your county assembly.

Founding documents and the history of the Pennsylvania Constitution:

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